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Marvelous Mrs India

India's biggest & prestigious beauty pageant that celebrates the beauty, poise, and grace of Indian women. This will be a transformative journey and you will go home empowered and transformed. Which is why we are inclusive as we want to give an equal opportunity to all irrespective of your age, height, or weight.

Dr Aditi Govitrilar as Mrs World

As India's 1st Mrs World, Marvelous Mrs India is my endeavor to help you achieve your dream ! My aim is to provide a platform for everyone to express their individualism and be appreciated for their unique talents.

-Dr. Aditi Govitrikar

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Welcome to Marvelous Mrs India, the premier beauty pageant in India! We are an organization dedicated to helping married women develop their grace, poise, and self-confidence.

Our pageant is a great opportunity for women to showcase their unique talents, build relationships with other like-minded individuals, and gain experience in an exciting and competitive atmosphere.

As part of Marvelous Mrs India, each contestant is judged on their personality, grace, and poise. We also have an emphasis on intellect, creativity, and poise. Our judges look for contestants who are talented, confident, and have a passion for self-improvement.

We look forward to seeing you at Marvelous Mrs India and helping you reach your full potential!

A beautuful daly getting ready in paegent dress
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